A boutique firm based in Toronto Canada,  The Lamarr Group specializes in consulting with your company to help you navigate through your cybersecurity concerns and privacy issues,  and augment your existing infrastructure to establish a secure network environment.

We have years of experience in managing complex projects with multiple vendors on different continents, and work with you to protect your global  intellectual assets.

Our core business is strategic planning for the digital age.

We consult in the following areas:

  • Meshed Networks
  • PCI Best Practices
  • VoIP Network Design
  • SIP Networking
  • Global Data Network Design
  • Development of a Cyber Strategy
  • Combating Insider Threats
  • Protecting Trade Secrets
  • Establishing Structure & Processes

In any  business environment, it is critical to design and implement solutions that meet the needs of your organization both at home and abroad.   Your company has invested significant time and capital in a variety of areas, and many aspects of your operation count on protected communications.

The Lamarr Group  – a fully owned division of Spicy Pear Media Inc.,  (SPM Inc.) – specializes in prevention consultation, however we have various partners available to us and are able to broker an introduction should your organization have a post security event.


Please  Contact Us to outline your requirements.

All information is private and confidential.





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